China Recognises Taliban Govt, Says Group After Acceptance of Ambassador's Credentials

Wednesday, 01/31/2024

The Taliban's official website considered the Chinese president's acceptance of the group's ambassador's credentials as a form of recognition for the Taliban government.

According to the Taliban, China is the first country to breach the "fence" and take an unprecedented step to officialise their relationship with the group.

On Wednesday, the Taliban's Foreign Ministry announced that Chinese President, Xi Jinping has officially accepted the credentials of the group's ambassador, Bilal Karimi.

However, China has not yet officially announced that it recognises the Taliban government as the government of Afghanistan.
So far, no other country or international organisations have recognized the Taliban government.

Earlier, the Prime Minister of the group had accepted the credentials of the Chinese ambassador.

The Taliban stated that regional and global powers who have failed and withdrawn from Afghanistan, seek to isolate the country and pose political and economic challenges to the Taliban government.

The Taliban has claimed that since the takeover of power by the group, many countries wanted "good and deep" relations with the Taliban. However, according to the Taliban, regional powers have prevented them from recognising the Taliban.

The group has not specified any country; however, it has emphasised that these powers have exerted pressure on nations willing to recognise the group.

In the article titled "Another Step Towards Recognition," it has been stated, "China is the first country to break this fence and challenge the power dynamics in the region, marking an unprecedented step in recognising Afghanistan based on its bilateral interests in the country."

The article expresses the Taliban's hope for other nations to follow China in recognising them. It also said that the US power is declining.

Following the Chinese president's acceptance of the Taliban ambassador's credentials, Matthew Miller, a spokesperson for the US State Department, stated that Beijing's stance on recognising the Taliban remains unclear.

He added that he wants to have clarity in this regard before making any formal statement.

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