U.S. Congressman Claims Targeted Assassinations Of Ex-Afghan Security Personnel

Thursday, 02/01/2024

Brian Mast, US congressman, said on Wednesday, that contrary to the statements of the officials of the Biden administration and the Taliban, members of the former security forces of Afghanistan are being killed by the Taliban.

He accused the officials of the Biden administration of lying and said that they do not accept the reality of the targeted killing of former security forces members and other former partners of the US government in Afghanistan.

The Taliban has dismissed reports from international organisations and news agencies regarding the killing and torture of former members of security forces, attributing it to personal enmity.

Mast highlighted multiple reports from international organisations, citing them as evidence confirming the deliberate murder of former security forces members.

The U.S. Congress Foreign Relations Committee recently conducted a meeting focused on investigating the Taliban's retaliatory actions against former Afghan collaborators of the U.S. military. This bipartisan session saw participation from both Republican and Democratic members, as well as veterans who supported these local partners. An Afghan journalist was also present, contributing to the discussions on the ongoing situation in Afghanistan and the plight of those who previously assisted U.S. forces.

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