Multiple Highways In Afghanistan Closed Due To Heavy Snowfall

Saturday, 02/03/2024

Following heavy snowfall in many provinces of Afghanistan, several highways have been closed to traffic.

As per the local media outlets, key routes such as Salang, Kabul-Ghor route, Shatu mountain pass, and communication routes in Bamiyan and Daikundi are currently inaccessible to traffic.

The Salang crossing, which recently reopened, had to be closed to traffic again on Saturday due to severe snowfall and storm.

Officials overseeing the Salang crossing are advising travellers to refrain from using this route at the moment. Salang holds significant importance as it connects nine northern and northeastern provinces along with four commercial ports in Afghanistan.

Bakhtar News Agency, under the control of the Taliban, has reported, quoting officials from the group in the Ministry of Public Works, that heavy snowfall on Saturday led to the closure of the Ghor-Kabul highway. Additionally, communication routes between the centre of Ghor province and six districts have also been affected.

The Shatu mountain pass, connecting the Yakawlang districts, has been closed as well due to adverse weather conditions.

Furthermore, the Qonaq mountain pass along the route connecting Daikundi to Kabul province, along with various district routes leading to the capital of Daikundi province, have been closed since Saturday morning.

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