4 Countries Protest Taliban's Failure To Curb Terrorism In Afghanistan: Pak Daily Report

Monday, 02/05/2024

According to a Sunday report by Pakistani daily Express Tribune, sources indicate that China, Russia, Pakistan, and Iran have lodged a quiet protest against Taliban government over the uncontrolled activities of terror groups in Afghanistan.

The newspaper detailed that the representatives of these countries expressed their dissatisfaction regarding the Taliban's failure to exert control over terrorist organisations within Afghanistan.

The Express Tribune's sources revealed that these representatives, who attended a regional meeting in Kabul, conveyed their joint protest to the Taliban.

The meeting saw participation from representatives of India, Turkey, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, China, Pakistan, Russia, and Iran.

While the Taliban deemed this regional meeting involving multiple countries as a significant accomplishment, they did not publicly acknowledge the concerns presented by the attending delegates.

Both China and Pakistan have consistently voiced their objections, through official and private channels, about the presence of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan and Uyghur Islamist separatists in Afghanistan. Notably, Islamabad has adopted a more assertive approach towards the Afghan Taliban in response to attacks conducted by Pakistani militants operating from Afghan territory.

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