Türkiye Arrests 17 Suspected Members of ISIS-Khorasan

Monday, 02/05/2024

Anadolu News Agency reported that Türkiye’s National Intelligence Organisation (MIT) has arrested 17 members of ISIS-Khorasan in an operation in Istanbul city.

The media outlet stated that this operation dealt a "significant blow" to ISIS-Khorasan, which recently claimed responsibility for an attack on a church in Istanbul.

The report notes that "as a result of intelligence efforts, the so-called Istanbul province head of ISIS-Khorasan and terrorists active with him were identified”.

Anadolu News Agency added, "In an operation conducted in collaboration with Istanbul police, the Turkish National Intelligence Organisation arrested 17 suspects, inflicting a major blow to ISIS-Khorasan's recruitment, financing, and logistics activities."

Turkish media have not released information about the identities of the arrested individuals.

Last Sunday, two attackers targeted the Italian Santa Maria Church in Istanbul, resulting in one casualty.

Following the incident, ISIS released a statement claiming responsibility for the attack.

Ali Yerlikaya, Turkiye’s Interior Minister, had previously announced the arrest of two individuals suspected of involvement in the attack. The detainees at that time were identified as citizens of Russia and Tajikistan.

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