Taliban FM Expresses Desire For 'Meaningful Participation' In Doha Meeting

Thursday, 02/08/2024

Amir Khan Muttaqi, the Taliban's Foreign Minister, in a discussion with Tomas Niklasson, the European Union's Special Envoy for Afghanistan, highlighted the group's intention for significant involvement in the upcoming Doha meeting.

Muttaqi conveyed that the Doha meeting could signify a positive turn in the relationship between Afghanistan and the international community.

Zia Ahmad, Deputy Spokesperson for the Taliban's Foreign Ministry, outlined that the dialogue covered topics such as Afghanistan's regional collaborations, the imminent Doha meeting about Afghanistan, developmental assistance from the European Union, and consular services for Afghans in Europe.

He shared on the social platform X that the Taliban's Foreign Minister advocates for maintaining friendly relations with all nations globally.

Muttaqi, as per Ahmad, is hopeful that the Doha meeting will mark the commencement of a favorable phase for Afghanistan's global engagements.

The Taliban's Prime Minister Office also reported a meeting between the EU's Special Representative and Mawlawi Abdul Kabir, the Taliban's Deputy Prime Minister for Political Affairs, emphasizing the Doha meeting's significance for Afghanistan's international ties.

Citing Niklasson, the office relayed that the UN Special Coordinator for Afghanistan, Feridun Sinirlioğlu's report, underscores Afghanistan's progressive path and the need for the Taliban to represent their stance globally at the UN.

The statement further noted Niklason's mention of upcoming international announcements regarding developmental and humanitarian support for Afghanistan at the Doha meeting, highlighting the EU's focus on security, job opportunities, and peace establishment as paramount.

Abdul Kabir agreed with much of the UN Special Coordinator's report and welcomed initiatives like the functioning of Islamic and Asian banks, starting incomplete projects, and removing sanctions on Afghanistan's banking system.

However, he mentioned that with UNAMA's presence, another special representative for peace is unnecessary, asserting the restoration of full national sovereignty under the Islamic system in Afghanistan.

Additionally, the EU Representative for Afghanistan pledged support in combating drug trafficking and discussed upcoming deliberations on the matter with representatives from five Central Asian countries in Kyrgyzstan.

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