Taliban Commits Atrocity by Taking Americans Hostage, Says US Congressman

Thursday, 02/08/2024

Michael McCaul, Chairman of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee has said that the Taliban are evil terrorists who commit unfathomable atrocities and take Americans hostage.

He added that Republicans and Democrats will not tolerate the illegal detention of American citizens.

“I am proud to support this bipartisan legislation sending a strong message to the Taliban that America, both Republicans and Democrats alike, will not tolerate the illegitimate detention of American citizens,” said McCaul.

Claudia Tenney, a member of the US House of Representatives, also wrote on her website that Ryan Corbett, an American citizen, has been detained by the Taliban in Afghanistan since August 10, 2022, without any charges.

According to her, Corbett is being kept in a basement cell without regular access to a bathroom, sunlight or medical care.

Tenney emphasised on the immediate release of Corbett and wrote that they will continue to fight everyday to bring him back home.

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