Over 1,300 Tonnes Of Oil Produced Daily From Amu Darya Basin, Claims Taliban

Wednesday, 02/28/2024

The Taliban’s Ministry of Mines and Petroleum has disclosed that the Amu Darya river basin is currently producing 1,350 tonnes of oil daily.

This oil is being refined within Afghanistan by private entities, according to the ministry’s statement.

A significant contract for oil extraction in the Amu Darya basin has been awarded to a Chinese firm by the Taliban.

The ministry revealed on Wednesday that there are presently 24 active oil wells within the basin. They projected that by the end of 2024, the number of operational wells will increase to 47, elevating the daily oil output to 3,000 tonnes.

This operation is providing direct and indirect employment to approximately 1,500 individuals, as per the ministry's data.

Spanning across the northern Afghan provinces of Sar-e Pol, Jowzjan, and Faryab, the Amu Darya oil basin's extraction rights were secured by a Chinese company through a 25-year agreement finalised last year.

The basin is estimated to contain about 87 million barrels of oil reserves.

In an earlier statement, the Taliban outlined the Chinese company CPEIC’s commitment to investing $150 million in the first year, followed by an additional $540 million over the subsequent three years for exploration and extraction activities across 4,500 square kilometres in Sar-e-Pul, Faryab, and Jowzjan.

This contract has been criticised by the Taliban's adversaries, including the National Resistance Front, who deem the agreement as "illegal, irresponsible, and a violation of international norms and standards," citing the Taliban's lack of domestic and international legitimacy.

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