Doha Agreement Empowered Taliban, Says US State Department Spokesperson

Friday, 03/01/2024

In response to the question of Afghanistan International’s reporter, Matthew Miller, US State Department spokesperson, said that the Doha agreement empowered the Taliban and weakened Afghan partners.

Marzia Hosseini, a reporter for Afghanistan International, citied remarks from several US experts and diplomats who labeled the Doha Agreement as "the worst agreement in the diplomatic history of the United States”. Hosseini asked Miller if the time had come to declare this agreement invalid.

Miller said that the deal forced the United States to withdraw troops without a clear plan for what should come next.

On August 30, 2021, the United States withdrew all its forces from Afghanistan during a challenging operation. Despite criticisms from various politicians, soldiers, and representatives in the US Congress, who view the withdrawal as a significant political mistake for both the United States and the Biden administration, President Joe Biden has staunchly defended the move, characterising the exit operation as a tremendous success.

Miller accused the Taliban of not fulfilling their commitments in the Doha Agreement and stated that the group has sheltered terrorist groups, including the Al-Qaeda leader. Previously, Miller emphasised on the need for the Taliban to be held accountable for the escalating activities of terrorist groups in Afghanistan.

The US State Department spokesperson also highlighted the Taliban's lack of commitment to engage in intra-Afghan talks and establish an inclusive political system. He emphasised on holding the Taliban accountable for fulfilling their commitments.

In response, the Taliban spokesperson said that the formation of an inclusive government is no longer viable following the collapse of the previous administration. He added that this matter is now independent of any involvement or influence from the United States.

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