Taliban Prevents Women From Entering Recreational Area During Eid Celebrations

Friday, 04/12/2024

The Taliban's ombudsmen from the Ministry of Propagation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice hindered women from accessing Gulghondi Hill, a recreational area in Parwan province during the Eid festivities.

According to a source, the Taliban subjected women to "degrading and humiliating treatment”.

The reliable source told Afghanistan International that the Taliban harassed and mistreated women despite their adherence to the hijab and the presence of a male guardian.

The source further remarked, "Taliban officials had very contemptuous behaviour and resorted to insults and vulgar language, particularly directed at women."

Gulghondi Hill, situated north of Kabul near Charikar city in Parwan province, traditionally attracts families during the spring season and on Eid and Nowruz occasions.

The Taliban have enforced a ban prohibiting women from visiting parks and recreational areas. They also prevented women from entering Gulghondi Hill last spring.

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