Taliban Publicly Flogs Four Individuals in Zabul & Nangarhar Provinces

Sunday, 04/14/2024

The Supreme Court of the Taliban has publicly flogged four individuals on charges of "theft" and "sodomy" in the provinces of Zabul and Nangarhar, as announced in a recent statement.

The court detailed that three of the individuals were disciplined in Zabul while the fourth was in Nangarhar.

According to the statement issued on Sunday, the sentences were handed down by the city court of Zabul and the district court of Kuz Kunar in Nangarhar. The court's release specified that in Zabul, one individual received an eight-month gaol term along with 20 lashes, another was sentenced to 10 months in prison and 20 lashes, and a third was given six months of imprisonment and 10 lashes.

In Nangarhar, the fourth individual, convicted of theft, was sentenced to two years in prison and 30 lashes, to be administered publicly.

The identities of these individuals have not been disclosed by the Taliban Supreme Court.

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