Afghanistan Freedom Front and National Resistance Front Convene First Joint Meet

Sunday, 04/14/2024

On the first anniversary of the deaths of Afghanistan Freedom Front (AFF) members by the Taliban, the AFF and the National Resistance Front (NRF), two military factions opposing the Taliban, held their first joint meeting.

During this session, leaders Yasin Zia and Ahmad Massoud highlighted the unity and ongoing resistance efforts of both fronts against the Taliban.

In a significant clash on 11 April last year, the AFF lost a prominent commander, Akmal Amir, along with six of his fighters—Abdul Basir Andarabi, Qurban Ali Bamiani, Fahim Salangi, Burhanuddin Andarabi, Abdul Saboor Faryabi, and Hussein Samangani—in the Kokalami Valley of Salang district.

This virtual meeting marked the initial collaborative effort between these two key anti-Taliban military movements. Yasin Zia issued a call to action for anti-Taliban factions to unite for a three-month offensive against the group, critiquing the Taliban's security promises and their suppression of ISIS as deceptive, and accusing them of colluding with militia groups in a deceptive strategy.

Ahmad Massoud, leading the National Resistance Front, dedicated his remarks to the fallen members, asserting they are heroes of the entire nation, not just their respective fronts. He lauded the AFF's aggressive stance against the Taliban and addressed online attempts to create rifts between the NRF and AFF, stressing the deep solidarity and unity existing between them.

Massoud also praised the recent resurgence of AFF's military activities against the Taliban. After a month-long hiatus during the early Ramadan period, the AFF announced on Friday the revival of their campaign, which immediately resulted in one Taliban casualty and another injured in Kabul.

Since the Taliban's resurgence as the ruling power in Afghanistan, the AFF and NRF have emerged as formidable opposition, launching numerous attacks across various Afghan regions over the past three years.

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