AFF Claims To Have Killed 3 Members of Taliban’s Intelligence Agency in Kabul

Saturday, 04/20/2024

The Afghanistan Freedom Front (AFF) has claimed responsibility for an attack that resulted in the deaths of three members of Taliban’s intelligence agency and injuries to two others.

The incident occurred during an assault on a Taliban convoy in Kabul's District 2 on Friday evening.
The AFF targeted the convoy as it moved towards a Taliban military factory.

The assault was aimed at Taliban’s intelligence members, who were reportedly gathering near the factory, and heading towards the Omid e Sabz township in western Kabul.

The front claimed that the Taliban members were planning to inspect civilian homes in the area, suggesting a motive for the attack.

Taliban officials have not responded to the incident. Meanwhile, the AFF has released a video of the attack, capturing the sound of the explosion, which has been circulated as evidence of the confrontation.

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