Taliban Flogs 2 Individuals Publicly In Kapisa Province

Tuesday, 04/23/2024

The Taliban’s Supreme Court has announced that it has sentenced two individuals to 30 lashes in public for theft in Kapisa province.

During the execution ceremony, Abdul Rauf Saadat, the chief justice of the Taliban's city court in Kapisa said, "We uphold divine decrees without fear and hesitation."

In a statement released on Tuesday, the Supreme Court of the Taliban reported that these two suspects received their punishment on Monday.

As per the statement, the city court in Kapisa imposed a three-year imprisonment on one individual and a one-year and six-month imprisonment on the other.

The court refrained from providing further details about the defendants.

Earlier this week, the Supreme Court of the Taliban also sentenced another individual in Zabul to 39 lashes for extramarital relations.

Despite repeated calls from the global community and human rights defenders to cease physical punishments, the Taliban insists on continuing public and physical penalties for accused individuals in accordance with "Islamic Sharia”.

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