China Reviews Opening Of Wakhan Port, Claims Taliban

Tuesday, 04/23/2024

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Taliban reported that the Chinese Ambassador, during a meeting with Amir Khan Muttaqi, the group’s foreign minister, discussed bilateral cooperation regarding the opening of the Wakhan Port.

Recently, Chinese media reports have indicated that China might not fulfil the Taliban's objective of linking Afghanistan to its economy via the Wakhan Port.

In an official statement released on Tuesday, the Taliban's Ministry of Foreign Affairs disclosed that Muttaqi had a meeting with Zhao Sheng, China's Ambassador to Kabul. During this encounter, Muttaqi said that the Taliban has fostered favourable conditions for trade and investment.

As per the statement, the Taliban's foreign minister expressed contentment with the progress in political, economic, and cultural ties with China, highlighting the increase of exports from Afghanistan to China, the Aynak copper mine project, and investment in the Wakhan Port as significant examples of the Taliban's economic strategy with China.

Quoting the Chinese Ambassador, the Taliban conveyed that Beijing is examining avenues for bilateral collaboration concerning the Wakhan Port's opening and endeavours to maintain close cooperation with Afghanistan.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Taliban stated that both sides deliberated on political, economic, and cultural bilateral cooperation between Afghanistan and China, alongside recent regional developments.

The Taliban declared in January that the construction of the road to the Chinese border had concluded, officially linking Afghanistan to China through Badakhshan province.

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