Argo Protesters Call For Nationwide Uprising Against Taliban

Monday, 05/13/2024

Protesters in Argo district have issued a call to action for Afghans, particularly in Badakhshan, to join the nationwide uprising against the Taliban.

The message, disseminated on behalf of the "people of Argo district”, states, "Join the public protests from near and far to dismantle the palace of tyranny and fanaticism."

The resurgence of protests in Argo reflects the ongoing dissatisfaction with the Taliban's response to the community's demands.

Protesters have highlighted three key demands: the expulsion of non-native Taliban forces from Badakhshan, alternatives to opium cultivation, and justice for the victims of violence.

Sources in Badakhshan reported that two Taliban helicopters had also been deployed to suppress the demonstrators in Barlas village, Argo district.

Local reports indicated that after Taliban forces shot at protesters, at least two individuals had been killed and nine people were injuried.

Additionally, sources from Argo district informed Afghanistan International that residents from surrounding areas are converging on Barlas village, leading to an increase in the number of protesters.

Simultaneously, residents of Faizabad reported that Taliban forces have been mobilised from their city towards Argo.

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