29 Terrorists Killed Along Afghan Border, Says Pakistan Army

Thursday, 05/23/2024

The Pakistan army announced that "29 terrorists have been killed" during a series of operations along the border with Afghanistan in the past one month.

According to Pakistani army officials, these operations began on April 21 in the border areas with Afghanistan.

The media wing of the Pakistan army announced on Wednesday that their security forces have killed 29 terrorists along the Afghanistan border over the past month.

Pakistan considers these operations part of a broader effort to curb the influence of "terrorists" who target security forces and civilians in Pakistan.

This comes as last week, Pakistani security forces clashed with the Taliban in the border region of Dand Wa Patan. The clashes ended after five days with the mediation of local elders from both sides of the border.

The media unit of the Pakistan Army also stated that they have repeatedly asked the Taliban in the past to assure effective management of the border areas.

In recent months, Pakistani officials have frequently accused the Taliban of harbouring Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) following an increase in terrorist attacks in the country.

Pakistan claims that terrorist attacks in the country are planned and organised from Afghanistan soil, but the Taliban have consistently rejected these claims, stating that armed groups opposing the Pakistani government are not present in Afghanistan.

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