Iran Challenges Taliban’s Claims On Reduction Of Drug Production

Sunday, 05/26/2024

Iraj Kakavand, the head of Iran’s anti-narcotics police, debunked the Taliban’s claims of diminishing drug production in Afghanistan by revealing the seizure of over 662 tons of various drugs within Iran in 2023 and the early months of 2024.

Speaking at the BRICS Anti-Drug Working Group meeting in Moscow on Thursday, Kakavand highlighted the persistent trafficking and transit issues of drugs originating from Afghanistan, noting no significant reduction.

He also highlighted Iran’s willingness to enhance collaboration with BRICS nations in areas such as information sharing and anti-narcotics strategies.

Iran, whose BRICS membership was approved last year, is actively engaging with the group, which consists of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.

This engagement marks Kakavand’s first participation in the BRICS Working Group, where he openly challenged the Taliban’s narratives about drug reduction. Etemad Online reported that such direct refutation by a prominent Iranian security official is unprecedented in the past year.

This media outlet also noted a growing domestic criticism within Iran against the lenient approach towards the Taliban, particularly due to the Taliban’s stance on withholding Hirmand water rights from Iran, perceived as an affront to Iranian national interests.

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