Enemies of Pakistan Using Afghan Soil for Attacks, Says Pakistani Army

Friday, 05/31/2024

The Pakistani Army has accused the Taliban of collaborating with "Pakistan's enemies" to facilitate attacks from Afghan soil.

According to a statement from the military, commanders highlighted that Pakistan's enemies utilise Afghanistan to target the Pakistani security forces and innocent civilians.

The statement, issued by the Pakistani Armed Forces on Thursday, detailed that the 83rd commanders' meeting took place at the army headquarters in Rawalpindi.

Participants voiced serious concerns over ongoing attacks originating from Afghanistan and the misuse of its territory for terrorist activities.

During the meeting, commanders stressed on the need for a "decisive defeat" of terrorism and underscored the importance of investing in the Pashtun tribal areas and Balochistan to stabilise these regions.

Historically, the Pakistani government, especially the military, has supported the Afghan Taliban against the previous Afghan government, which Islamabad viewed as an ally of India. Analysts suggest that the Pakistani military has consistently been wary of Indian influence in Afghanistan and has accused India of fostering instability there.

With the Taliban's resurgence to power, it seems the Pakistani military still suspects a political and security nexus in Afghanistan in collaboration with India.

The Taliban has denied allegations of allowing its territory to be used against neighbouring countries. However, Pakistan maintains that the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) finds sanctuaries and establishes military bases in Afghanistan's eastern provinces. The Pakistani army has conducted operations against TTP positions in Khost and Paktika.

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