IOC Doesn’t Allow Taliban Presence At Paris 2024 Olympics

Friday, 06/14/2024

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has announced that no Taliban officials will be permitted to attend the Paris 2024 Olympics.

A spokesperson for the committee stated that Afghanistan will participate with a team comprising three women and three men, emphasising on gender equality.

During a press conference on Thursday, Mark Adams, the IOC spokesperson said that the formation of a gender-equal team sends a message to Afghanistan, where under the Taliban rule, women and girls' access to sports, gyms, and fitness centres has been restricted.

Adams mentioned that the IOC recognises the President of the Afghan National Olympic Committee, whose Secretary-General is currently in exile.

The IOC spokesperson added, "We have been working with the NOC president and the secretary general, who we recognise in exile, over some time".

He emphasised that there will be no place for Taliban officials in Paris. No official representatives of the Taliban government will be accredited to attend the 2024 Olympic Games.

Recently, the committee stated that it is in negotiations with the Afghan National Committee and sports officials to remove the current restrictions on women's and girls' sports in Afghanistan.

Male athletes are set to compete in track and field, swimming, and judo, while Afghan female athletes will participate in track and field and cycling competitions.

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