Exert Diplomatic Pressure on Taliban for Girls’ Education, Activists Urge Leaders


Several Afghan activists in an open letter urged leaders around the world to exert diplomatic pressure on Taliban officials to reopen secondary school for girls in Afghanistan.

The letter sought world leaders, regional allies, and international organizations to take coordinated and bold action to uphold their commitments to support the rights of Afghan girls.

They said, "What we are asking for is more than a declaration of solidarity or a moment of silence to condemn the Taliban." The group has demanded immediate financial support for the educational system in Afghanistan, funding for human rights and civil society organizations, and the development of alternative mechanisms for the education of girls in Afghanistan.

After the takeover of Afghanistan on August 15, 2021, the Taliban stopped secondary education for girls in Afghanistan. It has been 300 days since secondary school for girls stopped operations across the country.

Despite the international community's pressures on the Taliban, the group has not responded positively to the reopening of girls' schools yet.

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