Massoud Can Play Role In Power Structures if Ready To Talk With Taliban, Says Kabulov


With the promise of a place in the power structures of Afghanistan, Zamir Kabulov, Russian President’s Special Envoy for Afghanistan, offers Ahmad Massoud, leader of National Resistance Front (NRF), a chance to hold talks with the Taliban.

Kabulov, during a press conference on Thursday, said that if Massoud is ready, he can probably play a role in the power structure. He, however, added that to reach an agreement, the resistance must be stopped.

According to Kommersant Newspaper, Kabulov stressed that any attempt to support the armed opposition means the resumption of civil war on an ethnic-political basis. He said that Russia does not support such approaches.

These statements were made while there were reports that Ahmad Massoud and the Taliban held meetings in Moscow.

Increase in IS-K fighters in Afghanistan

Kabulov also said that the number of Islamic State-Khurasan (IS-K) fighters in Afghanistan has increased.

He said that since the Taliban took over power in August 2021, the number of ISIS fighters in Afghanistan has tripled. Kabulov added that in the past year, this number has reached 6,000.

Kabulov stated that the rise of ISIS fighters is "the most negative aspect of the current situation in Afghanistan”.

He said that this situation poses a threat not only to Afghanistan, but also to the national interests of Russia's partners such as Iran, Pakistan, and China.

According to Kabulov, as a result of the sanctions, the Taliban does not have enough financial resources to increase the ability of its forces to fight against terrorists.

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