Gave Wife’s Example to Convince Taliban to Reopen Girls' Schools, Says Pakistani Cleric


Mawlana Tayeb, a member of the Pakistani clerics’ delegation, has advised the Taliban to reopen girls' schools in Afghanistan.

Tayeb said that in order to convince the Taliban officials, he cited the example of his wife who had translated the Quran into Pashto language.

On July 25, a delegation of Pakistani clerics led by Mufti Taqi Usmani arrived in Kabul. It was reported that the clerics’ visit to Kabul was aimed at convincing the Pakistani Taliban to cease fighting against Pakistan.

The Pakistani delegation had travelled to Kabul at the invitation of the Afghan Taliban. They met with Noor Wali Mehsud, the leader of the Pakistani Taliban, and held meetings with the leaders of the Afghan Taliban.

The delegation returned to Pakistan on Friday. Mawlana Tayeb, an influential cleric from tribal areas of Pakistan, who was also a member of the delegation, said, "In our meeting with the Afghan Taliban, we emphasized that they should reopen girls' schools, so that they can be educated. I gave them an example and said that I am also a mullah, but my niece is currently serving as a general in the Pakistani army."

Life under the reign of Taliban has become difficult for Afghan women. They have lost the right to work, and education, among other things.

So far, the Taliban has not paid attention to the demands of domestic and international stakeholders to reopen girls' schools. It has been more than 315 days since Afghan girls above grade six have been denied the right to go to school.

However, Tayeb stated that the Taliban said that girls' schools will be reopened soon. "The Taliban appreciated our proposal to reopen girls' schools and assured us that they will soon reopen girls' schools and colleges, so that women can study according to Sharia law," he said.

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