Panjshir Families Allege Threats, Torture by Taliban to Get Girls Married, Say Sources

Thursday, 08/11/2022

Sources in Panjshir told Afghanistan International that Taliban have threatened fathers of three families in Karamaan village to marry off their daughters.

Taliban told the families that they could either agree of their own will or they will be forced to marry their daughters.

Earlier, there were reports that the Taliban in Badakhshan and Takhar were marrying off young girls to the group’s commanders.

Earlier, in a letter attributed to the Taliban, which was widely shared on social media, people were asked to enlist their young girls to the Taliban.

The Taliban called these letters as fake.

However, in Panjshir, the Taliban have visited residents of Karamaan village at least three times in the past week to marry off young girls.

Afghanistan International's sources stressed that in the last few days, a family from Karamaan village managed to escape from Panshsir to avoid the Taliban’s demands for the daughters. Two other families too have so far resisted the group’s threats.

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