Taliban Suppresses Demonstration by Afghan Women in Kabul

Saturday, 08/13/2022

A group of Afghan women protesters marched on the streets in Kabul on Saturday and sought their rights for "food, work, and freedom".

The Taliban, however, fired aerial shots and disrupted the demonstration.

In the video clips, circulating on social media, depicting the women's protesters, it can be seen that the demonstration did not last long and the Taliban stopped them by firing aerial shots.

In 2021 soon after the fall of Kabul, groups of women activists came to the streets and held demonstrations for women’s rights. However, then too, the Taliban had suppressed the demonstrators in Kabul and other provinces. They detained some of the women activists and imprisoned them for a while.

However, a group of women activists, have once again made it to the streets as the one year anniversary of the collapse of Kabul to the Taliban nears.

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