Ministry of Finance Hired Hundreds of Experts & Specialists, Claim Taliban Officials

Tuesday, 08/30/2022

Taliban officials announced on Tuesday that the group has hired hundreds of experts and specialists in the Taliban’s Ministry of Finance.

Hedayatullah Badri, the Taliban’s Minister of Finance, said that more than a thousand positions are vacant at the ministry.

With the fall of the previous government, the Taliban had dismissed hundreds of professional staff members of the Ministry of Finance.

The dismissed employees of the Ministry of Finance protested in front of the ministry in Kabul on June 11, 2022, and said that their salaries haven’t been paid yet. Protesters also said that prices of food items have increased in the market due to inflation, and they face a dire economic situation.

It seems that the Taliban have hired their own members in this ministry after firing employees of the Ministry of Finance in a collective move.

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