Islamabad Will Not Recognise Taliban Without International Understanding, Says Khan

Friday, 09/02/2022

Mansoor Ahmad Khan, Pakistan's ambassador in Kabul, said that regional and international understanding is needed for Pakistan to recognise the Taliban government.

Khan urged the Taliban government not to allow terrorist groups to operate in Afghanistan.

Despite the Taliban’s efforts for recognition, even Pakistan, which is one of the main allies of the group, has not recognised them.

Taliban claims that they have changed their policies and behaviour and have met major international demands.

The Taliban stressed that they will not allow any group to attack the territory of neighbouring countries. However, the group has not yet been able to stop the Pakistani Taliban from attacking Pakistani soldiers from Afghanistan.

In an interview with TOLOnews, Pakistan's ambassador encouraged the Taliban to embrace an "inclusive political structure". Ahmad Khan described Afghanistan as a multi-ethnic country and according to him, political stability cannot be achieved without the participation of all ethnic groups.

He also acknowledged that the legitimacy of the Taliban government is linked to human rights issues, especially the reopening of secondary schools for girls across Afghanistan.

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