Killing NRF Forces in Coldblood An Attempt to Avenge Taliban Defeat, Says NRF Commander

Wednesday, 09/14/2022

Khalid Amiri, a National Resistance Front (NRF) commander in Panjshir, has said that the recent attacks by the Taliban on NRF forces in Panjshir have failed.

Amiri added that the group published videos of killing the NRF captives to portray “success” in the Panjshir war.

He stressed that the publication of such images shows the "defeat of the Taliban".

Taliban fighters recently killed NRF forces, who were captured in the Panjshir battles, in coldblood and shared the video on social media.

Amiri, in a voice message leaked to social media, said that the Taliban planned to "destroy" the NRF with its recent massive attacks, but according to him, NRF has killed and wounded more than a hundred Taliban fighters.

He added, "They [the Taliban] do not know that publishing of these videos will show the world their failure, and crime. The enemy knows in every sense how many casualties their forces have accumulated and by publishing these videos and fake news, they want to keep their forces' morale high."

The NRF commander emphasised that the Taliban will suffer more casualties when they send more troops to the battlefield in Panjshir.

Amiri urged NRF commanders not to be influenced by what he called the "negative propaganda" of the Taliban.

In their recent attack on Panjshir, the Taliban arrested several members of the National Resistance Front, including commander Mohammad Yar, and then killed them in coldblood.

The National Resistance Front confirmed that the Taliban shot eight members of this front after they were "captured".

The publication of these videos has met with widespread reactions and human rights defenders called it a war crime.

On Tuesday, the spokesperson of the Taliban announced that 40 members of NRF, including four commanders of the front, were killed in Rakha, Dara and Abshar districts, and more than 100 others were arrested.

The National Resistance Front, however, rejected the Taliban claims.

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