No Afghan Girl Will Be Deprived of Education in Afghanistan, Says UN Deputy SRSG

Monday, 09/19/2022

Markus Potzel, United Nations Deputy Special Representative for Afghanistan, said that United Nations will continue its efforts to reopen girls' high schools.

Potzel, while visiting a school, said on Twitter that no girl in Afghanistan will be deprived of education next year.

He said that United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) will support Afghan girls to attend secondary school in Afghanistan.

Earlier, on the first anniversary of the closure of secondary schools for girls in Afghanistan, Potzel had said that the continuous exclusion of Afghan girls from school had no valid justification.

He had stressed that nowhere in the world do girls face such a situation.

According to the UN official, the closure of schools was harmful for the coming generation of girls and for the future of Afghanistan.

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