Don’t Let Afghanistan Be Graveyard of Our Dreams, Says Afghan Girls Robotics Team Leader


Somaya Faruqi, head of the Afghan Girls Robotics Team, urged world leaders to prevent Afghanistan from becoming a graveyard for girls’ dreams.

Faruqi, who addressed the UN General Assembly on Sunday, added that the Taliban have closed schools for millions of Afghan girls.

The head of the Afghan Girls Robotics Team stressed that there is no prospect for reopening of schools for girls in Afghanistan.

She said that girls in Afghanistan are facing an uncertain future and added, "The Taliban will completely remove our existence from society. Thousands of more girls may never be able to go back to school. Many of them are already married."

Addressing world leaders, she said that if these leaders think that Afghan girls deserve education, they should not let her and other girls become "victims of international policies".

In late 2021, when the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, they prevented Afghan girls from returning to high schools across Afghanistan.

Noorullah Munir, the Acting Minister of Education of the group, however, recently claimed that Afghans don’t want to educate their girls when they turn 16.

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