Taliban Stole Freedom From Afghans, Says German Foreign Minister

Wednesday, 11/02/2022

Annalena Baerbock, German foreign minister, and Vladimir Norov, Uzbek foreign minister, met in Tashkent and discussed Afghanistan.

In a joint press conference with her Uzbek counterpart, Baerbock said that the Taliban have stolen the freedom of the Afghan people.

The German foreign minister strongly criticised the Taliban’s policies and said that Berlin is against the group's actions and policies.

However, the Foreign Minister of Uzbekistan, said that Tashkent aims to help Afghanistan in order to prevent a humanitarian crisis.

Vladimir Norov added that it is necessary for the international community to release the frozen assets of Afghanistan.

The German Foreign Minister, however, said that she doesn’t agree with her Uzbek counterpart on Afghanistan.

She stressed that Germany continues to help the people of Afghanistan. The German foreign minister added that Berlin “has decided to relocate thousands of people to Germany through Uzbekistan every month".

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