Taliban Closes All Educational Centers for Girls in District 6 of Kabul

Wednesday, 12/21/2022

The Taliban have announced the closure of all educational centers for Afghan girls in a district of Kabul.

Taliban officials in district 6 of Kabul have ordered school managers in the area to close schools, universities, and girls' educational courses until further notice.

The Taliban local officials have told the managers that the closure of all educational institutions is based on a decree of Hibatullah Akhundzada, the Taliban leader.

Sardar Wali Mohammadi, the Taliban commander in charge of district 6 of Kabul, said in the audio message that until the next decree of the Taliban leader, girls' schools including all tuition courses, universities, and educational centers will remain closed.

He urged the religious scholars, Imams, teachers, and school principals, to abide by the Taliban leader’s decree.

Meanwhile, the Taliban officials in district 6 of Kabul have held a meeting with Imams, elders, teachers, and managers of schools and other educational centers and have asked them to prevent the participation of girls in these institutions until further notice.

The Taliban had previously barred girls from education in secondary and high schools. The group announced on Tuesday that girls’ education in universities has been suspended until further notice.

Sources told Afghanistan International that on Wednesday, the Taliban visited schools across the city and ordered principles to prevent girls’ entrance the schools and other educational centers.

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