Pakistan's Grand Mufti Asks Taliban Leader to Reverse Decision on Education of Girls

Tuesday, 12/27/2022

Pakistan’s grand mufti, Muhammad Taqi Usmani, has asked Taliban leadership to lift the ban on girls' education.

Usmani in a letter to Taliban leader, Hebatullah Akhundzada said that to address women’s issues in health, education, and welfare services, literate women are needed.

The Grand Mufti of Pakistan said that the Taliban can erase the propaganda of their opponents which states that the group is against girls' education, by providing women an opportunity to educate themselves.

He said that the Taliban has suspended girls’ education on the pretext that they can’t allow co-education, so he urged them to teach male and female students during different shifts and classrooms.

Earlier Usmani, who is also the vice-president of Darul Uloom Karachi in Pakistan, had asked the Taliban leader to reopen girls' secondary and high schools.

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