Afghan Women Immigrants Allege Sexual Harassment at Iranian Detention Centers

Friday, 12/30/2022

Afghan women immigrants have claimed that during their detention in Iran, interrogators had tortured and sexually harassed them.

These immigrant women had been detained and deported from Iran for participating in a peaceful gathering against the Hazara genocide in Afghanistan.

The gathering had been held after Kaaj, an educational center in Kabul, had been targeted by suicide attackers.

Iranian security forces had attacked the gathering held in Iran and detained a number of Afghan citizens.

Following the detention, 10 Afghan men and women and four children had been deported to Afghanistan.

After leaving Iran, deported Afghan citizens have informed how the security agents of Iran had tortured and insulted them in order to obtain a forced confession.

One of the detainees said that she was pregnant while being detained, but she had a miscarriage to fear and torture. She said that one of the male interrogators had been touching her inappropriately and forced her to sign papers.

Another Afghan citizen also said that the interrogators tried to force him to confess that he had connections with the leaders of the protests in Iran, using obscenities and insults.

He said that even though this gathering had been focused on the genocide of the Hazaras in Afghanistan, the interrogators told him that Afghan people in Iran have no right to any gathering or protest.

Another woman, who was among the detainees said that the interrogators insulted and sexually harassed her to such an extent that she was willing to sign "anything" to get out of the interrogation room.

These statements are made while in Iran, extensive reports have been published about the torture and sexual harassment of detained female protesters.

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