Depriving Afghan Women Aid Due to Unemployment of Few Not Justified, Says Taliban Minister

Thursday, 01/19/2023

Khalil ur Rahman Haqqani, Taliban’s minister of refugees, said that the group is trying to find solutions to educate women in a way that is not "against Sharia".

Haqqani added that unemployment of a few women should not deprive all Afghan women from humanitarian assistance.

Haqqani spoke about the right to education and work of Afghan women during a meeting with Amina Mohammed, the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations, in Kabul.

While the Taliban believe that the ban on work and education of Afghan women is justified, the issue has caused serious concerns for international humanitarian organisations.

These organisations have said that without female employees, they cannot help women and children in need in Afghanistan.

However, the Taliban's minister of refugees said that the group was not against girls' education, but Afghanistan was a "traditional society" and these traditions must be considered while making decisions.

In the meeting with Haqqani, the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations, said that the ban on women's education and work will not have good consequences for Afghans.

A high-ranking delegation of the United Nations headed by Amina Mohammed, the deputy UN Secretary General, had arrived in Kabul on Tuesday.

During the meeting with the Taliban officials, the delegation had asked for lifting the ban on education and work of Afghan women by the Taliban.

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