HRW Urges Taliban To Reverse Ban on Girls’ Education

Saturday, 03/25/2023

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has urged the Taliban to immediately reverse their misogynistic order, reopen schools and universities for girls and women, and stop attacking the future of girls, women, and the country.

In a statement it has said that even with the start of the new academic year in Afghanistan from Saturday, it is a day of grief for Afghan teenage girls as the has failed to take action to stop the ban.

It has been 550 days since the Taliban denied the right to education to girls and women and the group hasn’t worked on any of their promises to reopen the secondary schools for girls.

Sahar Fetrat, Assistant Researcher, Women's Rights Division of HRW, said, “The Taliban’s misogynistic regime has made Afghanistan the only country banning girls from secondary school. They promised to respect girls’ right to education, but the day girls’ schools reopened, March 23, 2022, the Taliban shamefully broke their promise and sent teenage girls home,” she wrote in her statement.

The statement also called on world leaders for prompt, pragmatic, and meaningful actions.

The statement also spoke about how the Taliban doubled down on their disregard for women last year by banning women’s university education too.

Fetrat emphasised that no country can imagine a prosperous future without educated girls and women.

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