No Justification for Taliban's Anti-Women Policies, Says UK Envoy to UN

Saturday, 04/29/2023

Barbara Woodward, the UK ambassador to the United Nations, said that the Taliban's restrictions have excluded Afghan women from social life.

Woodward said that there is no justification for Taliban's actions against Afghan women and girls.

The UK ambassador to the United Nations stated that the Taliban's recent decision to ban Afghan female staffers of the UN is a clear violation of the basic principles of the United Nations Charter, including the principle of non-discrimination.

Woodward stressed that UK welcomes the recent resolution of the UN Security Council condemning the behaviour of the Taliban.

She called for immediate reversal of the Taliban’s decisions that restricts the basic rights and freedoms of women and girls in Afghanistan.

The UK ambassador to the United Nations said that her country has allocated 662 million dollars-worth of aid to the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan since April 2021.

Woodward stressed that London will not abandon Afghan women and girls.

On Thursday, the UN Security Council adopted a resolution condemning the Taliban's discriminatory treatment of Afghan women.

Members of the Security Council called on the Taliban to immediately end discriminatory policies against Afghan women, especially the ban on women's education and work.

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