Will Not Allow Iranian Officials To Visit Kajaki Dam, Says Taliban’s Deputy FM

Wednesday, 05/24/2023

Abbas Stanikzai, the Taliban’s deputy foreign minister, said that the group will not allow Iranian officials to visit Kajaki dam in Afghanistan.

Stanikzai said that dams and military installations are sensitive areas and the Taliban doesn’t allow “foreign agents” to visit them.

In an exclusive interview with Afghanistan International, the Taliban’s deputy foreign minister, however, said, "Taliban will provide Iran's water rights according to 1973 water treaty."

On Thursday, Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi warned the Taliban officials to allocate the share of water for Sistan and Baluchistan from the Helmand River. He said that the Taliban should take his warning seriously and "not complain later that we weren't told”.

The Taliban reacted to Raisi’s statement and said that there is not enough water in the Helmand River.

However, the Islamic Republic does not accept the Taliban’s claim of lack of water in the Helmand River and said that the Taliban should allow Iranian experts to visit the dams and confirm the Taliban’s claims.

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