Want National Reconciliation in Afghanistan, Says Russian Ambassador in Tajikistan

Friday, 05/26/2023

Semyon Grigoryev, Russia’s ambassador in Dushanbe, on Thursday, said that China, Russia, and Tajikistan are committed to establishing peace in Afghanistan.

He was speaking at the Tajikistan, Russia, and Chia Friendship meeting in Dushanbe.

Grigoryev emphasised that the goal of the three countries is to “achieve intra-Afghan reconciliation through the formation of an inclusive ethnopolitical government”.

According to the Russian ambassador in Tajikistan, peace in Afghanistan can be achieved through the formation of an inclusive government.

According to the Tass News Agency, Grigoryev added that the situation in Afghanistan is the focus of Moscow, Beijing, and Dushanbe and that these three countries will use all available formats to solve Afghanistan's problems.

Earlier, the international community had declared that formation of an inclusive government is one of the conditions for recognition of the Taliban. Nevertheless, Taliban repeatedly said that their government is inclusive and represents all Afghans.

Mawlawi Abdul Kabir, acting prime minister of Taliban on Thursday, during a meeting with some of the group’s cabinet members in Kabul said that all ethnicities are present in their government.

Justifying his claim, he said that an ethnic Uzbek, Abdul Salam Hanafi; a Tajik, Qari Fasihuddin Fitrat and, from Panjshir Nooruddin Azizi are part of the Taliban government.

However, Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s foreign minister on April 14 in a press conference said that non-Pashtun members of the Taliban government are all Taliban members.

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