Tension With Iran Has Irreparable Consequences, Says Former Afghan Chief Peace Negotiator

Wednesday, 05/31/2023

Masoom Stanekzai, the former chief negotiator of previous Afghan government, urged the Taliban and Iran not to act based on emotional actions and think of the consequences due to the conflict.

Stanekzai said that “Creating tension may be easy, but has irreparable consequences.”

On Wednesday, the former chief peace negotiator emphasised that the tension between the Islamic Republic and the Taliban should be resolved through dialogue. According to him, "Afghans need peace, not the interference of others."

Over the past few weeks, tension between Iran and the Taliban escalated on the water rights issue from the Helmand River, and on Saturday, border guards of both the sides clashed in Nimroz province.

A Taliban fighter and a border guard of Iran had been killed in the border skirmish.

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