Taliban Asks Iran to Establish Serum Production Factory in Afghanistan

Monday, 06/05/2023

Qalandar Ebad, the Taliban’s Minister of Public Health, asked Iran to establish a serum production factory in Afghanistan.

Ebad discussed the Taliban’s need in the health sector with the director of Iran’s Export Authority.

According to the Taliban’s Public Health Ministry, on Sunday, the two sides discussed how to develop ties in the medicine and medical technologies sector.

During the meeting, Ebad emphasised on strengthening business deals between Afghanistan and Iran.

According to a statement of the Ministry of Public Health of the Taliban, the director of Iran's export Authority stressed on the commercial relations between the two countries and said that the Islamic Republic is ready to cooperate in establishing a serum production factory after the necessary assessments.

Earlier, Majid Sadeghi Dolatabadi, Iran's Consul General in Nangarhar had promised that the Islamic Republic will build a diabetes treatment center in Jalalabad.

The Islamic Republic does not recognise the Taliban, and despite the tensions and border skirmish between Iran and the Taliban forces, Tehran has continued ties with the Taliban.

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