Owner of Private TV Station Lambasts Taliban’s Affiliation With Pakistan

Monday, 06/05/2023

Ismael Yoon, the owner of Zhwandoon TV, criticised the Taliban in an unprecedented manner on Monday.

Yoon said that those who have lived in Pakistan for years have become the rulers of Afghanistan.

According to Yoon, the Taliban want to turn the Zhwandoon TV headquarters into a religious school.

In a press conference, he emphasised that the reign of those who have lived in Pakistan for many years is “detrimental” to the people of Afghanistan because the current rulers mistreat the citizens of Afghanistan.

Yoon said that if his TV station stops operation, around 60 people will lose their jobs.

Ismael Yoon, who has always been accused of supporting the Taliban, said that those who had destroyed bridges, have been appointed as the ministers in charge of public works, and those who destroyed the electricity pylons became minister of water and electricity, but those who served Afghanistan have been accused of treason.

Yoon who is also a lecturer at Kabul University said that “this is the sad destiny of Afghanistan for fifty years now”.

Yoon also said that Zhwandoon TV has been built on government land that was leased to him by the former government "to promote Afghan culture”.

The owner of the TV station added that the Taliban have now asked him to pay $18,000 in rent to the group, otherwise, he has to vacate the property.

Ismail Yoon and his TV station have been controversial names in Afghanistan's public space for the past twenty years. Many have accused him of inciting hatred and creating rifts between Afghanistan's ethnic groups.

He recently told the Taliban leaders that he would give 95 marks for the performance of the Taliban in providing security in Afghanistan.

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