Pakistan Police Arrests Afghan Martial Arts Champion In Sindh Province

Tuesday, 06/06/2023

Arezoo Ahmadi, a female Afghan jujitsu fighter who won a gold medal on Sunday at the international jujitsu competition in Karachi, Pakistan, has been arrested by the Pakistani police.

Ahmadi has been arrested in the city of Khairpur in the province of Sindh when she was on her way to Islamabad.

In an audio clip that Ahmadi sent to Afghanistan International on Tuesday, she said that despite the fact that she had the UN refugee documents, the Pakistani police arrested her, and she has been in the custody of the Pakistani police for five hours.

The 7th International Jiu-Jitsu Competition was held in Karachi, Pakistan on Sunday. Athletes from Pakistan, Afghanistan, the United States, and Canada participated in these competitions, and Ahmadi, an Afghan female jujitsu fighter, was able to win the gold medal.

Arezoo Ahmadi participated in this international competition on behalf of the Afghan refugee team living in Pakistan and succeeded in the 48 kg weight category and became the champion.

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