Concerned About Reports of Ban on Int’l Orgs Active In Education Sector, Says UN

Friday, 06/09/2023

The United Nations Spokesperson, Stephane Dujarric, said on Thursday that the UN is "extremely concerned" about the reports of a ban on international organisations in the education sector in Afghanistan.

He said that it would be another horrendous step backward for the people of Afghanistan. The UN spokesperson emphasised that the Taliban’s ban will have negative impacts on Afghan women, girls, youth, and for the future of Afghanistan.

The Taliban has not officially announced the ban on the educational activities of non-governmental organisations. However, Wahidullah Hashemi, head of international relations of the Taliban Ministry of Education, said in an audio tape that was provided to Afghanistan International, that foreign organisations have been issued a one-month timeline to stop their projects in the education sector.

According to him, this order has been communicated verbally to these organisations.

Dujarric too said in a news conference in New York that the Taliban has not yet officially informed the United Nations about imposing a ban on the operations of the UN agencies in the education sector.

He added that the UN officials in Afghanistan are in contact with the Taliban to ascertain what is being planned by the group.

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