80 Rejected Fuel Tankers Sent Back To Uzbekistan, Claims Taliban

Friday, 09/08/2023

Mohammad Nasir, Taliban’s Deputy Director of Fuel and Gas Authority at the Hairatan port, said that during the past four months, 80 “low-quality” fuel tankers from Uzbekistan had been rejected and sent back to Tashkent.

Earlier, Uzbekistan had denied exporting low-quality fuel to Afghanistan.

On Thursday, Nasir told the Taliban-controlled Bakhtar news agency that the fuel and gas contained in the tankers sent from Uzbekistan were found to be of poor quality after an inspection conducted by the Fuel and Gas Authority at Hairatan Port.

Uzbekistan’s National Oil and Gas Company in a statement on September 4 announced that the fuel sent to Afghanistan is in accordance with European standards, but the Taliban fails to understand this standard.

It has emphasised that the country's products are in accordance with international standards.

At the same time, Nasir added that 7,308 fuel tankers have been imported to Afghanistan in the last four months.

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