Afghanistan Freedom Front Criticises Western Countries’ Silence Towards Hunger Strike

Saturday, 09/09/2023

Following the hunger strike by Afghan women activists against Taliban’s policies, Afghanistan Freedom Front (AFF) criticised the "silence" of western countries and the international media towards the issue.

According to their statement, women activists have started hunger strikes in Germany, United States, Norway and Pakistan.

On social media platform X, AFF wrote that western countries and international media outlets have adopted a "policy of ignoring" these women.

According to the statement, this policy of countries which claim to protect human rights is not only contrary to their international obligations and global standards of human rights, but also, according to the front, it is "cooperation with the Taliban”.

The front believes that the indifference of the host countries to the health condition of the protestors, endangers the lives of the activists.

The Freedom Front, formed in response to the Taliban's rise to power and which initiated an armed resistance against the Taliban, has declared its strong backing for the women activists engaged in the hunger strike.

The front has considered women’s “political and civil struggle” as a "complement" of its armed resistance against the Taliban group.

Recently, a number of Afghan women activists in Germany and some other countries started a hunger strike against the Taliban's policies towards women and demanded the recognition of the Taliban's "gender apartheid" against women.

Even though almost a week has passed since their hunger strike, the host countries and international organisations have not paid attention to their hunger strike.

The Taliban has completely removed women from public life. This group has banned women's employment, girls' education and their going to parks, cinemas, clubs and stadiums.

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