Taliban Lifts Time Limit Applicable on Iranian Commercial Vehicles Headed To Afghanistan

Thursday, 09/14/2023

Esmail Pour Abed, Iran’s head of Dogharon border terminal, announced that the Taliban has lifted the time limit applicable on Iranian trucks entering Afghanistan.

Abed said that currently, between 550 and 600 trucks carrying export and transit cargo pass through the Islam Qala-Dogharon border crossing.

The Iranian head of Dogharon border terminal added that since the beginning of this week, the Taliban had put a limitation on the entry of Iranian commercial trucks into Afghanistan on the routes from Dogharon to Islam Qala and Herat, respectively, with a one-time entry limit in 10 and 20 days.

Dogharon border terminal is located 130 kilometers from Herat province of Afghanistan.

He explained, "The restrictions were such that Iranian trucks carrying export cargo were only allowed to enter the customs area of Islam Qala in Afghanistan every 10 days, or every 20 days from Dogharon to Herat. They had to wait for this duration to pass in order to re-enter the country."

This Iranian official said that Iranian officials held meetings with the Taliban officials at the border. According to him, in this meeting the issues that had arisen were discussed, and the Taliban lifted the time restrictions for the entry of Iranian trucks into Islam Qala.

Like other countries, Iran does not recognise the Taliban and despite its close relations with the group, it has had border tensions with the Taliban's border guards several times in the past two years.

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