Taliban Regulates Activities of YouTubers In Afghanistan

Monday, 09/18/2023

Hayatullah Mohajer, Taliban’s Deputy Minister of Information and Culture, announced codification of a procedure to regulate the activities of Afghan YouTubers.

According to the Taliban-controlled Bakhtar News Agency, Mohajer said that this procedure was prepared due to the increase in the number of YouTubers in Afghanistan.

Since taking power in 2021, the group has significantly restricted the operations of independent media. As a result, a large number of young people have turned to social media networks like, YouTube, to disseminate content.

Mohajer explained that the primary motivation for young people to use YouTube is the platform's "monetisation" opportunities.

This Taliban official did not give more details about the new regulation of Afghan YouTubers.

In the last two years, the Taliban regime has arrested and imprisoned several YouTubers on various charges. Some of them are still in prison.

Earlier, there were concerns that the Taliban might restrict the activities of YouTubers by imposing new regulations.

On Sunday, Bakhtar News Agency, quoting Mohajer reported that the Ministry of Information and Culture of the Taliban support media outlets which work in accordance with Islamic values.

Mohajer did not explain what he meant by the term "Islamic values". However, the group has a strict interpretation of "Islamic values" which has led to the prohibition of numerous media programmes, such as music broadcasts and soap operas.

In the past two years, the group officials have repeatedly emphasised that the activities of Afghan media organisations should be in accordance with the policies of the Taliban.

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