Peace Improbable in Afghanistan Without Inclusion of Ethnic Groups, Announces Russia

Friday, 09/29/2023

Zamir Kabulov, Russia's Special Representative for Afghanistan, quoted the country's foreign minister as emphasising that achieving peace in Afghanistan is improbable without the inclusion of all ethnic groups in the government.

Addressing the Moscow Format in Kazan, Kabulov added that the Taliban has not been effective in fighting terrorist groups, especially the ISIS.

Kabulov called the performance of the Taliban against ISIS, a concern for the region.

The Russian representative stressed that the Taliban has also failed to find a solution to Afghanistan's "economic problems".

Kabulov also underscored the importance of establishing an inclusive government, citing Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov's statement that Moscow is striving to establish a foundation for dialogue and peace in Afghanistan.

He stated that the regional countries have the responsibility to seek a fundamental solution for the future of Afghanistan.

Moscow Format meeting started on Friday in Kazan, Russia.

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