NRF To Intensify Attacks In Order To Bring Taliban To Negotiations Table

Friday, 09/29/2023

Ahmad Massoud, the leader of the National Resistance Front (NRF), said that there are no ongoing peace negotiations with the Taliban.

He vowed to intensify "guerrilla attacks" against the Taliban to bring the group to the negotiations table.

Massoud said that the number of forces of the front has increased from 1,200 to 2,000.

On Thursday, September 28, during a book launch event in Paris, Massoud asserted that the only way to legitimise the Taliban would be through elections. However, according to Massoud, the Taliban is not expected to commit to the elections.

The NRF leader said, "The Taliban reject any form of dialogue and insist that both the international community and the people of Afghanistan accept them as the only viable option, while it is not the case."

He pointed out that the Taliban are fully equipped and said that the front had to change their fighting tactics.

Massoud said that we chose a more pragmatic approach last year, and that is guerilla attacks. “That's why we are less visible, but we have more impact,” he said.

He added that his forces do not receive any military support and rely on the existing weapons stockpiles. He said they need more ammunition.

Massoud stated that creating problems for the Taliban or causing them significant suffering to compel them to engage in genuine and meaningful negotiations should suffice; there is no need to oust them.

Massoud also rejected any offer to return to Afghanistan as part of the Taliban's programme for the return of former Afghan officials to the country.

"Those who left Afghanistan, left for more than a house or a car. They left for great causes. They left for some principles," he said.

However, Massoud said that if the Taliban announce that they will accept the elections, he would consider returning to Afghanistan.

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